4CeeD+Jupyter:  Scientific Data Analytics Engine

4CeeD+Jupyter is a data analytics engine for 4Ceed framework. It extends 4Ceed framework by providing the following features:

  • Spawns and manages a Jupyter notebook server for each 4Ceed user
  • Provides a GUI library (Py4Ceed) to select which data to move from 4Ceed to Jupyter
  • Automatically saves new/modified notebooks to 4ceed on termination of the Jupyter notebook server

4Ceed+Jupyter Github repository 


This research is funded by the National Science Foundation, NSF ACI 1443013, project title “CIF21 DIBBs: T2-C2: Timely and Trusted Curator and Coordinator Data Building Blocks.”  Any results and opinions are our own and do not represent views of National Science Foundation.