4CeeD Leadership

4CeeD Leadership

N.R. Aluru

Email aluru@nospam60d1cb93ceded.illinois.edu
Title Director
Department Computational Science and Engineering

Paul Braun

Email pbraun@nospam60d1cb93cef2b.illinois.edu
Title Director
Department Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory

Roy Campbell

Email rhc@nospam60d1cb93cf055.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Computer Science Department

Brian Cunningham

Email bcunning@nospam60d1cb93cf1dc.illinois.edu
Title Director
Department Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory

Klara Nahrstedt

Email klara@nospam60d1cb93cf2f9.illinois.edu
Title Director
Department Coordinated Science Laboratory

David M. Nicol

Email dmnicol@nospam60d1cb93cf439.illinois.edu
Title Director
Department Information Trust Institute