Bracelet Launch – 2020

Successful launch of Bracelet Instance at the University of Illinois Material Research Laboratory.


44 machines attached to laboratory instruments that were running Windows Xp/7 and rendered offline from the network will now be active going forward via BRACELET.



Bracelet Brief Description: 

Bracelet is a set of network configurations and best practices that can be used in isolation or to act as a light-weight version of 4CeeD to be used in labs where an instruments Operating System is deprecated, no longer supported, deemed a security risk and cannot be included on network. 

What problems Bracelet attempts to address: 

Without access to a network to save data, users are forced to fall back on legacy options like memory sticks, paper notebooks, or cobbling together their own unprotected network. This wastes time, poses security risks (patches, malware), and forgoes the easy process of data collection and archival provided by modern LIM systems. Bracelet architecture uses white lists, DMZ zones, upstream communication only, and optionally a stripped down version of 4CeeD with supported browsers to provide the benefits of a lab notebook system to Operating systems as old as Windows XP. Every several years new machines/instruments fall into a cycle where they are too costly to upgrade and must be taken off the network. Already, Windows 7 is quickly approaching its end of life.